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This application will help a car driver not to violate driving rules and to avoid speed tickets from speed cameras.

Simple geo calculations

How to evaluate a distance and heading between two locations. How to check if a point is inside spherical polygon. How to decompose a sphere to triangular grid and many more.

Expression parser and evaluator (.NET, C#)

This project is a set of .NET classes for expression tokenizing and parsing, for representation of parsing results, for evaluation and for description of operations (operators and functions).

Something about iterating through UTF-16 Unicode strings (.NET, C#)

Representation of characters in UTF-16 Unicode strings is of variable length and generally it is wrong to iterate through strings simply incrementing current position by 1.

Few words about toolkit:ExpanderView (XAML, .NET, C#, Windows Phone)

Removing vertical line and workaround for HitTestVisible items when collapsed