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SPEEDTRAP ALERT for Windows Phone 8

This application will help a car driver not to violate driving rules and to avoid speed tickets from speed cameras. On the Windows Phone Store.

Expression parser and evaluator (.NET, C#)

This project is a set of .NET classes for expression tokenizing and parsing, for representation of parsing results, for evaluation and for description of operations (operators and functions).

Something about iterating through UTF-16 Unicode strings (.NET, C#)

Representation of characters in UTF-16 Unicode strings is of variable length and generally it is wrong to iterate through strings simply incrementing current position by 1.

Few words about toolkit:ExpanderView (XAML, .NET, C#, Windows Phone)

Removing vertical line and workaround for HitTestVisible items when collapsed

Simple geo calculations

How to evaluate distance and heading between two locations with given latitudes and longitudes.

Delphi (old works)

Implementation of red-black tree and associative array.